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Artisan flamenco guitars, a unique voice and inspirFlamenco     Guitaring playability

Through the work of the late 19th century Antonio Torres and major evolutions in the 20th century, today contemporary and outstanding luthiers present to us the enchanting, percussive sound of artisan flamenco guitars, their specific setup and low action, their bright, punchy, instant responding sound with wide ranging tonality, enabling different guitar techniques as well as an exciting way of guitar playing. This is why many Jazz, Latin guitarists and renowned musicians have fallen in love with the unique voices and playability of flamenco guitars.

One of a kind art, 300 hours of manual labor to make one flamenco guitar

Artisan flamenco guitar makers work on their own or with family members in a small workshop making only up to 15 guitars a year with long waiting times. For more information regarding the finest, traditionally and handcrafted guitars, we welcome you to visit our detailed guitar pages including HD videos and free lessons with tabs.