Aaron Garcia Ruiz Guitars

One of our lateFlamenco guitar luthier Aaron Garcia Ruizst and wonderful discoveries is the incredible good luthier Aarón García Ruiz, born Flamenco guitar blanca Aaron Ruiz Garciain 1965 in Albaicín Granada. Already as a child Aarón played and collected all types of musical instruments. Aarón plays guitar, laud, flute, charango and drums. He studied at the University of Granada, combining musicology studies and doctorate courses in Organologia. At the moment Aarón is preparing a doctoral thesis on musical instruments. Aarón learned his first rudiments of guitar construction from the master luthier Manuel Fernández Fernández until his Aaron Garcia Ruiz  flamenco guitar labeldeath in 1997 when Aarón continued his training with Manuel's son, Jose Manuel Fernandez Enriquez. Also his self-taught dedication to the art of guitar building has influenced his work a lot. Aarón his flamenco guitars follow the purest tradition of the Granada school, he studied and restored instruments from José Pernas, José Ortega, Benito Ferrer and Chica Manuel Isidro Garrido. Aarón still spends a lot of his time on studying current trends and innovations provided by luthier schools around the world. The design of Aarón his guitars are based on the Torres Hauser tradition and influenced greatly by the current guitarists working together with him in Granada, entirely by made by hand, using the finest woods and finishes available today.