Andres Dominguez Guitars

Andres Dominguez Flamenco guitar makerAndres Dominguez Guerrero, born 23rd March 1947, is one of Seville’s greatest builders. He was born in San Miguel, a neighborhood of Jerez de la FAndres Dominguez  Flamenco guitar labelrontera (Cadiz) with a rich tradition in Flamenco. From his early age, Andrés was drawn to playing flamenco guitar. He played flamenco guitar professionally for over 40 years until he retired. His love and passion for the guitar eventually led him to building guitars for over 35 years now. Already in In 1965, Andrés began an apprenticeship with Manuel Ortega Sousa.

Andrés was deeply inspired by the design of Santos Hernandez. HFlamenco Guitar Andres Dominguezis natural gift and special skills working with woods combined with his profound knowledge and expertise as a professional flamenco guitarist, formed the basis to become one of the most respected builders in the regions of Seville. In 1979 he installed himself permanently in “The Artisans House” in the beautiful neighborhood of Triana in Seville where he still works today. Andrés builds entirely by hand using traditional construction techniques, his production is limited to about 15 guitars a year. Andrés has participated in many contests and international exhibitions, winning the best recognitions a luthier can be granted. Many artists have passed through his shop and play his instruments. Paco Cepero, Enrique del Melchor, Manolo Franco, Nino de Pura, Jose Luis Postigo, Ricardo Mino,Quique Paredes, Paco Fernandez and many more.