Conde Hermanos Guitars

The Conde Hermanos dynasty was founded by Domingo Esteso in 1915, one of the 20th century's Conde Hermanos  flamenco guitar headgreatest guitar luthiConde Hermanos flamenco guitar labelers, in Madrid. Along with Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso started his career in the guitar workshop of Manuel Ramirez (1884-1916). In 1915 Domingo Esteso established his own guitar workshop at the famous address of Gravina 7 in Madrid. A few years later, two of his nephews, Faustino and Mariano Conde, began a guitar apprenticeship under Domingo Esteso. When their uncle Domingo Esteso died in 1937, Faustino and his brothers Mariano and Julio Conde continued working for their uncle's widow until her death in 1960. To preserve the family name, the guitars built after 1937 had the label "Viuda y Sobrinos de Esteso" or Esteso's Widow and Nephews. When she passed away in 1958 the guitar label was changed again to "Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso" or Esteso's Nephews and beneath this, in small print, the surname Conde Hermanos or Conde Brothers. Being specialists as flamenco guitar makers, soon the Conde Hermanos Conde Hermanos flamenco guitar workshopbrothers established their reputation as excellent master guitar makers, building guitars with the label of Conde Hermanos for famous flamenco and other style guitarists. In 1979 a second Conde Hermanos guitar workshop was opened on Felipe V in Madrid. This location became the Conde Hermanos workshop for Mariano Senior and his two sons. When Faustino died in 1988 and later in 1989 when Mariano died, Mariano his sons, Felipe born in 1957 and Mariano Junior born in 1959, took over the Conde Hermanos enterprise and stayed in the workshop at Felipe V. Just recently Mariano Conde decided to dedicate all his time and effort to artisan flamenco guitar making, being the artisan guitar maker of the Conde family. Mariano openend his own workshop in Madrid and he still makes new AF25/R and A26 Conde flamenco guitar models. His brother FelipeMariano Conde  Hermanos flamenco guitar maker will also continue to commercialize the Conde Hermanos flamenco guitars.

Famous Flamenco guitarists such as Paco de Lucia, Manolo de Huelva, Nino Ricardo, Sabicas, Esteban de Sanlucar, Oscar Herrero, Jose Manuel Canizares, Rafael Riqueni, Enrique de Melchor and other style guitarists such as Al Di Meola, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, John Williams, Lenny Kravitz, David Byrne, Toninho Horta... have played or still play with the worldwide known guitars of Conde Hermanos.

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