contemporary flamenco guitar tuning

Tuning has been explRamon Montoya Flamenco  guitar tuningored very early in flamenco guitar playing. Besides the common EBGDAE tuning in intervals of fourths, soon the use of some interesting, alternative tuning methods became popular. With his first Guajiras, Ramon Montoya introduced to us the open D tuning, lowering the 6th string by one tone, giving the flamenco guitar 2 open 4th and 6th strings in D. Also the Zambra 'Solo Quiero Caminar' of Paco De Lucia is composed in this open D tuning. With his rondena, Ramon Montoya also introduced a 3rd string tuning to F sharp. Strings, from bass to treble are tuned in D, A, D, F-sharp, B, E. Through Esteban Sanlucar’s composition, Mantilla de Feria, an open G tuning was introduced by tuning the strings, from bass to treble, in D, G, D, G, B, D. This open G tuning is also very popular among blues guitarists, famous for it bottleneck slides. Another fine example of an open G tuning in flamenco guitar playing is Rafael Riqueni his 'Garotin'.

Gerardo Nunez Flamenco GuitarIn the recent 50 years flamenco guitar music has come in close contact with other musical cultures and modernist singers, opening horizons and leading to the introduction of innovative, contemporary tunings by flamenco guitar maestros. Paco De Lucia his composition ‘Pinonate’ uses a very enchanting flamenco guitar tuning. In this Buleria, strings are tuned in D, A, D, G, A, D from bass to treble. The tango ‘Algo que decir’ of El Viejin uses, from bass to treble, a tuning in C, A, D, G, D, E. Another beautiful example of contemporary flamenco guitar tuning, is El Viejin his composition ‘Mi graciosa’. In this Buleria strings are tuned in B, A, D, G, D, E from bass to treble. The composition of Gerardo Nunez frequently use a deep bass sound by tuning down the 6th string two and a half tones to a B and by tuning the 1st string down a half tone to D sharp. In this way, Gerardo Nunez his flamenco guitar composition use the typical deep Seguiriya bass sound as well as the typical Levante sound by using a second minor interval in the sharps.