Felix Manzanero Guitars

Felix Manzanero, born in Madrid in 1937 and being a friend of the Ramirez family, began his apprenticeship under José Ramirez II (1885-1957) in the Ramirez workshop at the age of 14. After 12 years at the Ramirez workshop, alongside with Alfonso Benito and Jose Ramirez III, Felix started Felix Manzanero guitar making awardhis own workshop Felix Manzanero workshopat the Santa Ana street in Madrid where many famous concert players such as Sabicas have visited him to admire and play his guitars. Felix has dedicated a great part of his life in studying flamenco and classical guitar building, specifically paying attention to the sound properties of his artisan guitars. To illustrate, Felix Manzanero made a guitar without fan braces and with a seventh interior string. Driven by his enthusiasm of improving the sound of his guitars, he even constructed an elliptical guitar. In close collaboration with a group of sound engineers, he experimented intensively, developing an elaborate technical system searching for an ideal measurement of the harmonic table before mounted in the soundboard of the flamenco guitar.

In addition, Felix Manzanero is a rare and big collector of antique guitars of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. He has a collection which has gained admiration of some of the most famous collectors of guitars in the world. Felix possesses an extraordinary large stock of woods having aged over 30 years. Felix Manzanero is also a leading member of the Artesanos de la Guitarra at the Escuela of Madrid. As a master craftsmen Felix Manzanero is widely considered among the finest flamenco guitar makers in Spain. His guitars have won such prestigious prizes like 1st place en el Concurso Internacional de Maestros Guitarreros in Tarbes, France in 1989.

Felix Manzanero workshop in Madrid

Felix Manzanero  antique guitar collection