Flamenco guitar lessons

Spanish way, growing up surrrounded with flamenco, learning from childhood to absorb flamenco


For beginners - Advanced classes - Techniques - Rasgueado - Alzapua - Tremelo - Picado - Accompaniment - Tuning - Contemporary tuning - Flamenco Maestro classes

Musicians growing up in a musical Spanish environment learn from childhood on to feel flamenco music. Being very young they are surrounded with plenty of flamenco music all day long, feeling the compass and rhythmic patterns, hearing the typical flamenco voicings. Like Paco de Lucia said 'When it was time for me to play bulerias, I already knew how to play them because I had heard the rhythm since I was born'. At a very young age they begin to develop a kind of emotional leFlamenco Guitar Lessonarning. These surroundings enable them to learn flamenco guitar from generation to generation by listening, looking, repeating, imitating and playing. In Spain this is a successful and effective way of taking flamenco guitar lessons since the local students are growing up with the fundamentals of flamenco music. Traditionally Flamenco teachers and students in Spain rarely use books or tabs in their lessons, mostly they don’t speak the technical language of music theory. However they can feel the sound of their guitar and strings, and play all functions, through very hard work, by memorization, by non stop practicing...all driven by their musical talents and complete, everlasting dedication. Traditionally musical sophistication is not the essence, the extent in the way flamenco musicians can strike or touch the audience is what counts. Today Flamenco isn’t just about cante, dance and guitar playing anymore. By merging with other musical styles and involving a wide range of instruments, flamenco guitarists are studying music theory as an essential part in their flamenco guitar training.

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