Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

The series of La Sonanta’s ‘Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes’.

 Available in both DVD and book format, our classes are created in close collaboration with the world’s best gypsy flamenco guitar maestros, the true treasure keepers of flamenco music. In this series these renowned maestros reveal the secrets behind their playing. Starting from the basics of flamenco guitar technique, they use step by step exercises based on their own CD compositions.

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Flamenco guitar Maestro Classes Following these clear lessons will enable you to reach the final level of the Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes which will allow you to play along with the Maestros’ stage performance of the same compositions. The ‘Flamenco Maestro Classes’ DVDs include a number of aids that help you to enjoy learning, such as:

Multicamera views showing simultaneously both the left and right hand performances of all compositions at a slow pace.
Authentic transcriptions, approved by the maestro, in both standard music notation and tablature
On screen rhythmical compas & letra guidance of complete, original CD tracks

Since the secret of Flamenco guitar playing is more than simply technique, these DVDs provide you with an in-depth understanding of and background to flamenco life and culture through revealing interviews with the maestro, his friends and family.

Flamenco guitar classes

In this serie, the mFlamenco Guitar Maestro Classes DVDaestro and composer ‘Paco Fernández’ invites us, not only to study his techniques and exercises, but also to acquire the complete compositions of his latest CD Sastipén Talí, a fascinating balanced blend between traditional and modern flamenco. Sastipén Talí enables us all to discover flamenco in its purest form...going on a journey through different musical styles such as Indian, African, Andalusian rhythms and the unmistakable flamenco sound of Paco Fernández.

Paco Fernandez was born in 1967 in Triana, in the heart of one of the most prestigious families in the world of flamenco. The legacy of his father, Curro Fernandez, and his mother, Pepa Vargas, versed Paco as well as his brother José and sister Esperanza, in the most pure gypsy style. With one of the most recognized flamenco families, "La Familia Fernandez", Paco performed at the best festivals and concerts in Spain, America, Europe, Japan and India. Paco has performed and recorded with leading singers such as Camarón de la Isla, El Farruco, El Chocolate, Potito, Duquende, Niña Pastori as well as with leading guitarists such as Gerardo Núñez, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Rafael Riqueni, Anton Jimenez and with leading dancers such as Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés, Juana Amaya and many more.