Flamenco guitar neck and sides

The Spanish Method is characterized by an integrated neck-body construction

Flamenco guitar solera - Soundboard construction - Body assembly - Finishing

The guitar neck has the typical Spanish foot, clearly indicating that the flameFlamenco guitar  bending mold for the sidesnco guitar is built by the Spanish Flamenco guitar neck Spanish footMethod. The Spanish Method is characterized by an integrated neck-body construction. This construction creates an extension of the neck, also called the foot, inside the sound box which is glued to the interior back of the flamenco guitar. This specific design makes the neck-body connection very strong and ensures a powerful sound.

Luthiers use several methods for shaping the sides. Many luthiers bend the sides manually using an iron mold of a half guitar contour, dampening the sides with a wet rag on the spot where bending is needed. Another way is to use a bending tool known as the fox bender Flamenco guitar bending the sides by handequipped with lights or heat blankets and various clamping systems. Some luthiers soak or boil their woods for the sides in water. However many believe this will decrease the quality and color of the wood. Bending starts with a middle clamp, progressing toward the bouts. Even pressure is applied slowly towards each bout. Once the final clamps are positioned at the end of each bout, the sides will remain in the side mold overnight. When the shaping process is finished, the sides are adjusted to eliminate further tension before the two sides are glued together.