Flamenco guitar techniques

This Free Flamenco guitar lesson consists of an intro enabling you to feel the sound and playability of this blanca flamenco guitar, as well as a superb rasgueado technique by our maestro flamenco guitarist Rezar Dominguez. Feel free to download the Flamenco guitar TABS of this lesson: TAB rasguedo Tresillos.pdf


In addition to the techniques common to classical guitar, traditionally, flamenco guitar music is uniquely characterized by various techniques that are not used, either at all or in a different way, in other guitar music. Although the left hand is quite similar to classic guitar playing, many  techniques played with the right hand, at the bridge, are different. Some of these techniques are Golpes or percussive finger tapping on a tapping plate or golpeador to support the typical flamenco rhythms of specific flamenco music forms, other techniques are the Picados, with more attack and articulation, others are the Rasgueados or Flamenco guitar strumming, other techniques are the Alzapuas or thumb-strokes and a different kind of flamenco tremolo. However and no matter how technically refined Flamenco guitar playing has become, even maestros like Paco de Lucia and the late Sabicas, famous for their solo work, still define flamenco guitar in terms of accompanying singing or dance rather than of techniques.