Flamenco Guitar Tremolo

The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco tremolo is played in a quintuplet with the right hand pattern p-i-a-m-i.

Basically this flamenco guitar technique produces a rapid succession of four notes, played as free strokes by three fingers of the right hand preceded by a bass rest stroke played with the thumb. The free strokes of the flamenco tremolo can be played on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd treble string, using a light touch. Finger movements come from the knuckles at the hand and not from the middle knuckles of the fingers.

Modern flamenco guitar tremolo techniques are played in countless variations. Nowadays, enchanting nuances are created by accentuating either the bass rest stroke or one of the treble notes, by sustaining a specific treble note with a pause or by playing the bass rest stroke simultaneously with the first treble note. The use of a metronome will help you to master this flamenco guitar technique, focusing on playing each individual note clear and of the same volume.