Flamenco music theory

The necessity for studying music theory also grew for flamenco guitarists

Flamenco music theoryFlamenco isn’t just about cante (songs), guitar playing and dancing anymore. The number of different types of instruments used in flamenco guitar music has grown significantly. Instruments from other musical styles such as the violin, the cello and the flute are used frequently in flamenco performances. Another trend is the pursuit of fusion with folk music, jazz or Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin musical styles. To play along with these musicians, the necessity for studying music theory also grew for flamenco guitarists. Even though many flamenco guitar masters might not agree, even Paco de Lucia encourages young flamenco guitarists to study music theory as an essential part in their flamenco guitar training. By playing together with Al Di Meola, John McLaughin and Chick Corea; Paco realized that flamenco music would eventually be orphaned if its musicians remained untrained in music theory. Today more and more young flamenco guitarists are beginning to understand that studying music theory is an essential part of their training, learning and understanding the flamenco modes, keys and scales, the cadences, proper rhythms and the harmonies of each palo.

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Improvisation generally consists in creating a Melody suitable for a given Chord Progression. This means Music Theory Improvisation Chartthat a score containing only chords is given, and a melody must be composed in such a way that it fits or sounds well with those chords.

That part of the melody corresponding to each chord is composed, in most cases, by notes belonging to a certain Scale related to the chord. According to the CHORD SCALE THEORY, the scales related to a given chord are those containing the notes of the chord.

IMPROCHART is an Improvisation Chart based on the CHORD SCALE THEORY, which automatically gives us all the Scales related to a given Chord. It consists of two rotating discs, one being card and the other plastic. It comes with instructions, scale tables and a practical protective case