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Forum flamenco guitar lessons

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La Sonanta (18-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

Hello Pedro, The Flamenco guitar Maestro classes will be ready for sales by July 21st. Each flamenco guitar book and DVD can be bought individually, but of course they are to be considered as a set, meaning the book has the music sheets of the things learned on the DVD. The total production is two volumes, two DVDs and two books, will keep you posted. la Sonanta

Pedro (18-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

Hello, I noticed that you made a "Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes" on DVD with Paco Fernandez. Does it come as a set, booklet and DVD together? When would I be able to purchase a copy of Volume?

Andy (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

hello all I'm looking for some adresses to take flamenco guitar lessons in Spain for summer vacation in August. Maybe you have some good addresses for me, thanks for helping

Rick (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

for soleares, i recommend tapping every beat, for fandangos, i like to tap in 3 parts, for buleria mainly I tap 12, 3, 7, 8 and 10. I have seen others doing it differently, you need to find what works best for you.

David (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

Hi Guys, Can you give me some advice how to tap my foot when playing flamenco guitar? Thx for any advice. David

Ralf (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

I would recomment you the Flamenco Guitar Bulerias Step by Step, they have very good multi-angles making learning quite easy, the Encuentro Productions are fine too, but more for advanced guitarists

La Sonanta (19-05-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

Hello Joe, When staying in Cadiz, Madrid, Sevilla, Jerez...we recommend to go to local tourism offices. They all have list of flamenco guitar teachers that are closeby where you are at that moment, next you simply walk to their homes, talk to them, see if there is a match with what you are looking for, agree on a price and attend classes next day. This way you will meet some really interesting people as well. It is like not booking a holiday by travel agencys up front, but looking for what you really want when you are there, will save you some money as well.

Kathleen Parewijck (05-05-10 in flamenco guitar lessons)

Can you please recommend some outstanding flamenco guitar DVD for lessons? Books are fine as well. Thx Kat