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Forum flamenco guitar makers

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Dan Tisher from Chatsworth, California United States (16-08-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

I am interested in making a Flamenco Guitar with tuning pegs. I would like to know were I might get Information on making my own pegs and headstock location of the peg holes.

La Sonanta (03-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

Hello Joe, Flamenco guitar maker Andres Dominguez Guerrero in Sevilla gives a lot of courses to share his expertises, so if interested you can contact him:

Mel (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

I prefer pegs since they have a lesser weight and they keep my flamenco guitar much, much longer in tune

Phil (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

Do you prefer a flamenco guitar with pegs or with machine head tuners?

Ron (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

I have heard there are 3 kind of cypress, the so called Spanish riyal cypress, the cypress coral and the cypress violetta.

Fred (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

Is there only one kind of cypress for the back sides of a flamenco guitar

La Sonanta (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

Driven by our admiration for the very hard work of artisan guitar luthiers, we are building a central database of web pages honoring and describing the work of guitar luthiers that all deserve our support and humble respect to keep going on with the incredible hard work they are doing each single day, enabling us all to play these magnificent flamenco guitars. We have started an overview on Flamenco guitar makers. To make the overview as accurate as possible, we would like to ask you if you can send us your recommendations and biographies of fine flamenco guitar luthiers . This would be very much appreciated, thank you already.

Joe (16-05-10 in flamenco guitar makers)

Hi, Can anyone suggest Flamenco Guitar making courses in Spain? Cheers, Joe.

Brian Williams (13-05-10 in flamenco guitar makers)