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Forum flamenco guitar music

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John (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar music)

There is one just called Flamenco by Carlos Saura. This great for flamenco guitarists and aficionados. Also would recommend watching Vicente Amigo's 'Ciudad de las ideas' or the one of Francisco Sanchez with Paco de Lucia or Blanco y Negro with Diego el Cigala and for sure the DVD of Ketama, Herencia Flamenca...enjoy them all

Ronald (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar music)

I have seen Vengo by Toni Gatliff about five times, still love it.

Ian (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar music)

Hello all, Can anyone recomment me some some 'must see' flamenco movies or DVDs? Many thanks for any comments Ian

Marc (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar music)

I have studied the flamenco guitar music theory by Lola Fernández, liked it a lot

Eric (02-06-10 in flamenco guitar music)

Hi, Any recommendations on a book for studying flamenco guitar music theory