Forum flamenco guitarists

Forum flamenco guitarists

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Nick (02-06-10 in flamenco guitarists)

Sabicas plays on many CDs of Carmen Amaya plays sabicas, I have also a book + CD of his tabs, Sabicas Flamenco puro, really learned a lot from this book

Michael (02-06-10 in flamenco guitarists)

Hello, I am looking for info on Sabicas,tabs and so on...thank you for helping,

Antonio (02-06-10 in flamenco guitarists)

Hi Marcel, I would recommend to start listening to some traditional flamenco guitarists such as Sabicas and Montoya. Present day flamenco guitarists like Tomatito, Paco de Lucia, Paco Cepero, Vicente many to list them, my favorite today is Curro de Maria

Marcel (02-06-10 in flamenco guitarists)

Hello, I am new, but in love with flamenco music, can you recommend me some flamenco guitarists to listen to