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Richard Silletto from San Ramon United States (16-08-10 in flamenco guitars)

I was recently given a 1975 Hermanos Conde flamenco guitar for my part in restoring and selling a collection of guitars and amps for the widow of a friend who recently passed away. It was built in the Gravina 7 shop, has a spruce top and cedar sides and back. The tone is absolutely amazing. Although I have no intention of selling this fine instrument, I would appreciate any help I can get estimating its value. I have a lot of experience in with US made vintage guitars and amps, but this is out of my realm of experience. Thanks!

Lee (02-06-10 in flamenco guitars)

What worked for me, is the following: Keep your nails only about 2 till max 2,5 mm above the finger, this is sufficient. Do not file your nails making them pointed, but file them rounded so you have more area to play, this way you also have a more solid base for your nail to last longer. A little superglue for strength is ok, but not usually necessary. The thumb may be somewhat longer, super glue is easy to apply and make them harder. Fractures and cracks can be repaired with silk or a piece of tissue paper also helped me out many times. Saturate the silk tissue with superglue, and paste it on your nail. Cut and file into shape and polish your nails, chances are high you have to redo this every few days to until the fracture is gone, polish your nails as smooth as possible to avoids that the nail will tear. For a more long term solution I treat the cuticles of my nails with nail oil that you can buy in supermarkets. Hope this helps you. Lee

Webster (02-06-10 in flamenco guitars)

Hello all, I have a really hard time getting good, strong nails, can anyone help me out here, would be much appreciated. Webster

John (02-06-10 in flamenco guitars)

High tension strings are normally louder, but they they tend to be much harder on the fingernails especially if you do a lot of rasgueo, I use normal tension and trebles in Titanium

Gary (02-06-10 in flamenco guitars)

For a maximum loudness/projection set, would you recommend nylons or carbons in the treble, and especially, which basses would you suggest?

Brian Williams (13-05-10 in flamenco guitars)


La Sonanta (12-05-10 in flamenco guitars)

Thank you Tony. This is a good idea, we will contact to discuss if there are interested. Thx again

Tony Arnold (12-05-10 in flamenco guitars)

Great site. You should interface with -- that would make both sites stronger.

Mark (11-05-10 in flamenco guitars)

What kind of guitar string brands do you use and for how long do you keep them on?

Richard (09-05-10 in flamenco guitars)

Great site content and design both!