Francisco Barba Guitars

Francisco Barba Flamenco Guitar HeadFrancisco Barba is one of Seville’s most recognized guitar makers. He is the second generationFrancisco Barba Flamenco Guitar flamenco guitar makers in his family and the reputation of Francisco Barba his guitars is known throughout the world. Francisco Barba his guitars are played by famous guitarists such as Pedro Pena, Nino de Pura, Quique Paredes, Manuel Molina, José Manuel Roldán, Mariano Martín, Pepe Justicia, Riqueni, Manolo Franco and many others. With the support of his sons Francisco Barba builds flamenco guitars that have an extraordinary, amazing tone with beautiful basses and very light, dryFrancisco Barba Flamenco  Guitar Label and singing trebles. The Barba flamenco guitars feature a great setup due to the very comfortable necks. Typically they are fast and very well balanced using very light, old aged first grade Spanish cypress projecting an incredible amount of volume. Francisco Barba is a very experienced flamenco guitar maker, he has been building flamenco guitars for about 40 years now. His experience guarantees the highest quality available with beautiful, decorative inlays at the rosette and the binding. The flamenco guitars of Francisco Barba are in huge demand these days, delivery times are more than three years now.

The price for a Francisco Barba flamenco guitar can be quite high, but in our store we often have one of his flamenco guitars available at affordable prices. If interested in a Barba guitar, we welcome you to visit our detailed pages Francisco Barba flamenco guitar, including high defintion videos and free flamenco guitar lessons.