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Gerundino Fernandez Flamenco GuitarThe late el maestro guitarrero Gerundino Fernandez Garcia (1931-2006) was, perhaps, the finest guitar luthier of the latter half of the twentieth century, along with the guitars of Arcangel Fernandez and Manuel Reyes. In 1978 and 1988 Gerundino Fernandez was rewarded with the highest honor as a master in the art of Gerundino Fernandez Flamenco Guitar Labelguitar construction, winning the first price at the IV International competition of master guitar luthiers. As a specialized flamenco guitar maker, the guitars of Gerundino Fernandez have a specific kind of duende that professional flamenco guitarists seek andGerundino Fernandez Flamenco Guitar stature in Almeria love. To name but a few of his famous clients, guitarist Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Paco Pe┼ła or Eric Clapton. Gerundino Fernandez built large bodied flamenco guitars, with full upper bouts and long guitar scale lengths. His flamenco guitars are known for their raspy growl and volume, well balanced intonation and percussive sound. Gerundino Fernandez his guitar bracing system and construction maintain the essence of a true flamenco sound. Eric Clapton his 1976 Gerundino Fernandez guitar was sold for $16,730 at the Christie's auction in 2004, believed to be the highest price ever paid for a Gerundino. The flamenco guitars of Gerundino Fernandez are among the most desired flamenco guitars on the market today. In our flamenco guitar store you still can buy a Gerundino Fernandez flamenco guitar for a price to sell quickly. If interested in free flamenco guitar lessons and high defintion flamenco videos played on Gerundino, we welcome you to visit Gerundino flamenco guitars.