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The flamenco guitarist Jeronimo Maya is considered by many to be the most outstanding Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitaristflamenco guitarist of the new generation. His enormous creativity and impeccable technique allow him to create music which goes beyond traditional flamenco, never forgetting the strength of his flamenco foundations, which is accessible to a broad public no matter where they come from. Jeronimo Maya was born in 1977 in Madrid, Spain, into a gipsy family with deep flamenco roots. He's a direct descendent of flamenco guitar legend Ramon Montoya. His father Felipe Maya, a professional guitarist, and his great uncle Ricardo Losada el Yunque, a well known cantaor, taught him to live, breath and learn respect for flamenco. Jeronimo Maya began playing guitar when he was four years old, and at the age of seven he gave his first concert in Madrid, as part of the Cumbre Flamenca, the so called flamenco summit, today sadly long forgotten. Right from the start he stood out from other young flamenco talents, studying flamenco music at the Madrid Conservatory of Music, whilst at the same time he trained at home with his father and in family circles. However, he took great care not to fall into the trap of being sold as a child prodigy, giving only a few carefully selected public appearances. He performed, with resounding success, at the Festival Bienal de Flamenco of Seville and during Madrid's Veranos de la Villa season. From a very young age it became clear that Jeronimo was a gifted creator, composing some of his own material. In 1989 he prepared a tribute to Sabicas, with whom Jeronimo had forged a solid relationship on his visits to the legendary figure in Madrid, and was invited to perform together with Paco de Lucia and Enrique Morente at the Carnegie Hall in New York. When his mentor died in 1990, Jeronimo performed in a tribute at the Festival de Olite, sharing a stage with Manolo Sanlucar. He also shared the limelight with Camaron de la Isla at the Plaza de Toros de Malaga. Soon he was touring the international circuit with his own Young Jeronimo Maya and Sabicas, Paco de Lucia and Enrique Morente.jpgcompany, visiting Japan, Canada, Holland, Italy, France, Jordan... He gave outstanding concerts at Madrid venues such as Maria Guerrero and the Monumental, as well as at the Gran Teatro in Cordoba. In May 1999 he was awarded the Copa Teatro Pavon for young artists at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. In 2001 he offered a concert at the IX Festival de Flamenco Caja Madrid, and he took part in the show 'De mis soledades vengo: los clasicos y el flamenco', together with Jose Menese, Ginesa Ortega, Enrique de Melchor and Joan Albert Amargos at the Spanish Royal theatre, Teatro Real de Madrid. In 2003, he offered important recitals at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In 2004, after the concerts at The Arts House, Plenary Hall in Singapore, in May he presented his solo debut album, 'Jeronimo' (The Best Recording Solo Guitar Revelation 2004 of Flamenco Hoy Awards sellected by flamenco specialists), and all of his performances have been acclaimed, whether in the Festival Flamenco Pa' Tos in Madrid, or the closing ceremony of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla titled '1904-2004. Lo que el tiempo da, lo que el tiempo quita, lo que el tiempo pone' directed by Jose Luis Ortiz Nuevo, and in Flamenco cd 'Jéronimo'005, in noteworthy cycles such as the Festival Flamenco por Tarantos in Madrid, the Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella of Barcelona, the International Cante de las Minas Festival in La Union (Murcia) or the Tampere Flamenco week in Finland, and in 2006, the Festival de Jerez, the Festival Flamenco Internacional de Mayrin in Geneve, the Festival Internacional de Guitarra in Murcia, the Flamenco Joven in Madrid, the Festival de Guitarra de Cordoba and so on.

Apart from offering solo concerts, he has also accompanied cantaores such as Diego el Cigala, Chano Lobato, Esperanza Fernandez, Estrella Morente, Jose de la Tomasa, Arcangel and his uncle El Yunque.