Juan Montero Aguilera Guitars

Juan Montero Aguilera guitar labelJuan Montero Aguilera, born in Marchena, Seville on 14 December 1929, was a cabinet-maker before he Juan Montero Aguilera guitar luthierestablished himself as a self-taught guitar maker in Cordoba in 1960. Up to this moment, Juan Montero has built about 900 guitars completely by hand. Juan his work is influenced by Santos Hernández, Arcángel Fernández and Miguel Rodriguez Beneyto. The reputation of Juan Montero is so high that Luis F. Leal Pinar devotes an entire chapter in "Guitarreros de Andalucia" (2004) to him. The list of professional guitarists using his guitars speaks for itself: Juan Serrano, Paco de Lucia, Paco Cepero, Vicente Amigo, Paco de Gastor, Eloy de Diego, José Luis Postigo, Manolo Dominguez, Pepe Morales, Juan Muñez El Tomate, Rafael Riqueni, Antonio de Patrocinio, Antonio Juan Montero Aguilera guitar rosetteRomero Pantoja, Hermanos Flores, Carlos Piñana de Cartagena, Adolfo Rábanos de Logroño, Alberto Lucena de Cordoba, Paco del Gastor de Morón, Juan Montero Aguilera Paco De Lucia guitarJosé Antonio Rodríguez, Luis Calderito, Manuel Silveria, Pepe Corraliza, Enrique de Melchor... His flamenco guitars not only have the workmanship and beauty one expects in a quality handmade instrument, but also in tone richness, depth and balanced sound. His own designed rosette is so refined and one of the most beautiful ever seen. Officially Juan Montero is retired now but he still builds a few guitars on order, which is really remarkable.