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Francisco Fernandez Vargas, “Paco Fernandez”, was born in 1967 in Triana, in the heart of onePaco Fernandez flamenco guitarist of the most prestigious families in the world of flamenco. The legacy of his father, Curro Fernandez, and his mother, Pepa Vargas, marked Paco and his brothers, Jose and Esperanza, in the most pure Gypsy style. With this background, not surprisingly, he began his artistic journey at a very early age. At the age of eight he starts to play the guitar and received his first lessons from the master Rafael Amador, a component of the group "Pata Negra". Later he continues his apprenticeship with the master of the guitar Miguel Perez. At the age of twelve he officially debuted alongside his siblings Esperanza and Jose Fernandez in the Alvarez Quintero Theater in Seville, forming the "Gypsy Gang."

The following year his parents, Pepa Fernandez Curro Vargas, alongside with the major representative Jose Antonio Pulpón, had a great idea to form one of the most recognized flamenco families from the national level, "La Familia Fernandez". With this formation they happily spent eight years in the best festivals in Spain and represented numerous performances and tours in America, Europe, Japan, India and rePaco Fernandez     flamenco guitaristpresented Spain at the popular "World Meeting of Gypsy’s." Paco Fernandez has performed with leading figures such as Camarón de la Isla, Antonio Núñez "Chocolate", Farruco, Rocio Jurado, Fosforito, Juanito Villar, Potito, Duquende, Diego Carrasco, Antonio Canales, Remedios Amaya, La Susi, Juanita Reina, Aurora Vargas and many more. His first solo album "Sastipén Tali", which means Health and Freedom in Romani, Paco Fernandez had the support of important artists in the flamenco scene: Dorantes, Diego de Mora, and Potito Antonio Fernandez Montoya, "the Farru" and his siblings Esperanza Fernandez and Jose Fernandez.


Paco Fernández


Featured guitarist in the album "Dos Mundos Cantan" by Roció Jurado, in "Fandangos de Descubrimiento" and "Del Amor de España".


Collaborates on the theme "Bulerias del Olivar" from the album "Aquí a Ketama" and featured with dancer Joaquin Cortes in "Gypsy Passion."


Collaboration with Tomatito on the album “Morenito De Illora”. Featured on "Los Gitanos Cantan a Lorca", under the production of Ricardo Pachon Featured guitarist accompanying Esperanza Fernandez(sister) in "La Nana ".Worked two years with Joaquín Cortés in some of the most prestigious theaters during the “Pasión Gitana” tour.


Accompanied Niña Pastori for two years.


Musical producer on the album of Carmen Carmona, intervening as musical director, arranger and guitarist of all the themes. Produces and plays the guitar on the album "Sueños" by El Chiqui.


Produces two albums: "Sueños de Mimbre" by Rocío Ruiz and "Volcán" by the Varaya.Both productions for the discography of OFS.


Crea su espectáculo Sastipén Talí con el que realizará multitud de conciertos.


Performes "Sastipen Tali", in the Lewes Guitar Festival in Britain and the VIII Astaffort Guitar Festival in France.


Performs on tour next to the singer and guitarist Raimundo Amador.Collaborates as a guitarist and music producer on the show "Yo Misma" by Juana Amaya, in the XII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.


En enero recibe el Disco de Platino por su canción "Teléfono de Mi Casa" del álbum del cantante Javi Cantero.Forma parte de la gira "Por Derecho" con Juana Amaya y Farruquito.


Finishes his first solo album "Sastipén Tali", which in Romany means "health" and "freedom". It is composed of ten arrangements integrated with their roots, the more pure flamenco. A work in which the truth is always ahead and where they meet with their class, not just as a guitarist, but also a musician and creator.


Promotes his album, accompanied by his recent music videos of “La Tarara” and “Sastipén Tali”.


Appears at the IXV Festival de Flamenco Caja Madrid with his sister, Esperanza Fernandez.


Performs the the Andalusian anthem along with his sister Esperanza Fernandez, in Gala de Andalucia on Canal Sur.

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The CD album Sastipén Tali is a show that discovers flamenco music in its purest form, going through a journey of different musical styles such as Indian, African, Andalusian funk and the unmistakable flamenco sound of Paco Fernández.

The show consists of ten tunes with their corresponding stage area.

1. SASTIPEN TALI (Alegrías): A dream in which the author from his Gypsy culture is identified with the African people, which is reflected in the performance of musicians of this land as Simao Felix.

2. EL GUITARRISTA POBRE (Jaleos): A memory shared with Raimundo Amador with lyrics by Jose Rios Vega, also with the participation of the band plus four African voices.

3. FRAGUA DE MI “PARE” CURRO (Seguiriya): Tribute to the purity in the singing of his Curro Fernandez.

4. HOMENAJE A MANUEL TORRES (Farrucas): Tribute to Manuel Torre. Accompanied by his sister Esperanza Fernandez

Paco Fernandez flamenco CD Sastipén Tali

5. "MOMA LEBRIJA" (Bulerías): Dedicated to his mother Pepa Vargas and is based on a bulerías passing through cutting-edge sounds without losing the aire (feeling) of Lebrija.

6. MIRA LO QUE DA TRIANA (Tangos): The experiences of his neighborhood Triana with fusion Cuban rhythms.

7. DO, RE, MI (Bulerías): Remembering the great figures of art such as Mozart, Picasso, Lorca, Chaplin, Jules Verne and Manuel de Falla. Performed by the entire band together with African musicians.

8. MI HIJA SOLEÁ (Nanas): The inspiration after the birth of his daughter. Interpreted with a piano and the voice of the artist himself.

9. GANDHI (Solea por bulerías): Remembering his meeting with Indira Gandhi in 1984 through the ethnic sounds of India, reaching the most pure of the Flamenco soleá and the intervention of a flamenco dance.

10. LA TARARA (Rumba tangos): The depth of flamenco and funk are mixed in this song that uses the famous lyrics by Federico García Lorca. This is interpreted by Esperanza Fernandez and Paco Fernandez.