Tomatito flamenco guitar performanceTomatito or Jose Fernandez Torres, was born Almería in 1958. Surrounded by many flamenco guitar maestros such as his father Tomate, his grandfather Miguel Tomate and his uncle Nino Miguel, Tomatito got his first guitar when he was 10 years old. Tomatito once said that he didn't know the origin of the name 'Tomate', but he tought it was given to his grandfather because his face was ruddy when drinking.  When the legendary flamenco singer Camaron de la Isla saw Tomatito playing in tablao La Taberna Gitana in Malaga, both started working together. Tomatito accompanied Camaron de la Isla during the last 18 years of his life, but also many other great flamenco singers such as Enrique Morente, Duquende, La Susi or Pansequito. In the summer of 1979, ToTomatito flamenco guitar maestromatito and Camaron recorded the album ‘La leyenda del tiempo’. This monumental album created a breaking point, a frame-work for Nuevo Flamenco, changing the concept of flamenco music. After "La leyenda del tiempo," non flamenco musicians interpreted flamenco music differently and the Gypsies had been given authorization to freely explore other ways to express themselves.

After the death of Camaron in 1992, Tomatito started a remarkable career as a concert guitarist becoming the leading flamenco guitarist of his time and one of the greatest flamenco guitarists of all time, even performing with artists like Elton John and Frank Sinatra. Driven by his talent, Tomatito crossed new frontiers in an ongoing collaboration with pianFlamenco CD Aguadulce Tomatitoists such as Chano Domínguez and Michel Camino, evolving in the records Spain (2000) and Spain Again (2006). He also recorded a Spanish version of the song Woman together with Neneh Cherry. Tomatito not only performed in movies such as ‘The devil's advocate’ together with stars like Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, he also composed music for the movie Vengo, winning the César Award for Best Music Written for a ilm in 2001. In mid 2004, Tomatito recorded his album Aguadulce, winning a Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Record in 2005.