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To order the Jeronimo Maya Flamenco Guitar

This is a special exclusive flamenco guitar developed by Jeronimo Maya, Vassilis Lazarides and La Sonanta. Jeronimo Maya plays exactly this guitar model on his upcoming DVD and CD.


To have a sensational, professional, well balanced, lightweight, comfortable playability and a very Andalusian, old style chitarra and Cante Jondo sound, Jeronimo Maya, Vassilis and La Sonanta worked together to design this new flamenco guitar. Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitar label

The essential input from Jeronimo Maya as a maestro flamenco guitarist, the perfect workmanship and historical instrument construction knowledge of Vassilis Lazarides led to a very authentic flamenco sounding instruments.

The great particular, old sounding and responsive flamenco tone of this new Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitar is due to a special bracing and some historical chitarra design aspects.

She has a lot of percussive power, the basses are very punchy and dark, she has an extremely quick response and a very well balanced tone with trebles that have a dry, clear singing and sweet touch.

Jeronimo Maya and Vassilis

Jeronimo Maya playing his flamenco guitar model

The slender neck makes her very comfortable to play. The French polish finish is of an excellent quality and looks beautiful. The woods used for this guitar are of exceptional quality. Back and sides are made of beautiful light cypress and the soundboard is made of premium old aged German spruce with many essential cross silk grain patters. The rosette design is based upon one of the early authentic Torres rosettes. The tasteful, beautiful mother of pearl inlays in the rosette and the binding make this instrument an even more special and beautiful instrument.

Vassilis only makes a very limited amount of these Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitars per year in his workshop. For those flamenco guitarists, who are looking for a unique authenthic flamenco sound and professional playability.

Vassilis Lazarides is born on April 10th 1963. He is a very remarkable and skilled luthiers, living andJeronimo Maya flamenco guitar modelworking in Athens and during summer times in Thessaloniki. At first he constructed traditional instruments such as bouzoukis, oud, pontic and Istanbul liras and renaissance lutes. Since 2004 he only builds the finest and beautiful decorated concert classical and flamenco guitars. Vassilis has studied intensively the art of many great luthiers through the help of his friends and members of the Greek organization “friends of artistic musical instrument construction” who presented guitars of Santos Hernandez, Esteso, Barbero, Ramirez, Gerundino and many others to him. Out of love for his guitars, Vassilis gives all his handmade guitars a name. Today Vassilis participates in many guitar exhibitions and festivals in many places of Greek (Vyssani in Ioannina, Veria, Ermoupoli in Syros, Trikala, and Kavala. He also has become a regular lecturer at the national guitar competition in Greece. Vassilis Lazarides’

Vassilis lazarides artisan guitar bracingguitars project a very characterized sound, an intensive depth and richness of tone with profound and full, almost lyrical trebles. Vassilis designed his own thin and flat neck making them very easy to play. His guitars have now travelled to many European countries, having become guitars of important collectors and flamenco guitar soloists. When talking to him one can easily feel his motivation and enthusiasm for making very high end guitars. Vassilis his guitars are entirely handmade using very traditional techniques.